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Cuisine Features
Platinum hanjue hotel is a hotel seafood cuisine, catering brand hanjue group under the "Yang" is the ten consecutive Chinese dining hundred, is famous for its seafood business at Lu Zhen, especially in cooking fresh seafood dishes by Tougu Kyo, living color delicious, authentic.
Under the command of R & D Institute hanjue dishes specializing in dishes, set the manpower force thirteen years, not only created a standardized process a set of Chinese food, and food color, flavor and taste, shape, which have carried out in-depth and meticulous research, has developed 8 dishes assessment scale and food production "Joyoung scriptures".
Hanjue that China dishes, pay attention to color, smell, taste, shape, the five are very important, but there are still the primary and secondary, the most important is, taste. Fresh raw materials is hanjue pursuit of the fresh taste of the basic premise. Seafood fresh fish to live to Tougu, kill to eat.Seasoning is fundamental to cooking delicacies. The principle of seasoning is to highlight the original flavor, so that a provision of each one, a bowl each into a taste, to achieve "thick and not greasy, light and not thin" standard. In the process of cooking, the flavor of raw materials, raw materials must be delicious flavor of this protruding, fully revealed; of tasteless raw materials, it must be by means of flavoring and seasoning, make it tasty, delicious to become tasteless. Seasoning is the way of "one plus one", namely whether it is flavored with heating means, or materials, with a knife, flavored with Qian and other comprehensive measures. The key method is to remove odor of raw materials, raw materials to maintain and increase the delicious.
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