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We know that your vacation time is precious, so the Grand Mercure Hotel will never let you waste every inch of time.
No matter how you define the good times, our rich activities will certainly make you satisfied. From luxurious KTV to luxury chess box, a large number of activities to choose absolutely beyond imagination.
Take a refreshing cocktail and pamper yourself at the pool next to the rippling blue waters. Bustle, leisure, let the mood indulge in the release.
Hanjue KTV Summit

KTV entertainment area is located in the one or two floor of the hotel, a total of stylish avant-garde KTV box more than 110, all equipped with imported high-end audio, large screen LCD TV, featured material decoration, a variety of equipment configuration can be rated first-class.

With song and dance will sway avant-garde and hearty to maximize the space combination of graceful free, can drink and enjoy the stunning jazz music, more let you forget, forget the world.

Hanjue chess
The chess-card lounge is located in the west floor of the hotel. The fully automatic mahjong table, sofa seat, natural fresh oxygen bar circulatory system and humanized one-time articles are the private space for you to enjoy comfort and leisure. You forget the earthly noise, sway life comfortable.
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