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From flowers arranged to the seat cover, and then to multimedia audio-visual equipment, quality in your carefully selected highlights.
At the same time, we are the most meticulous of the exclusive services, so that the banquet is more perfect.
Whether it is a small party, or a grand celebration, we will bring you to remember the moving moments of life. High-end atmosphere of the banquet hall can accommodate 50-100 tables at the same time dining, large-scale ceremonies, celebrations, the ideal wedding reception.
Meeting Center
The hotel has a total of 17 meeting rooms, 50-3000 people can accept the meeting or a large party, entertainment, etc.. Is an excellent place for the government or enterprises to hold advanced meetings, meetings, product recommendation, news release, investment, enrollment or special training activities.
Hotel certification for each of the meetings, and conference personnel in good faith communication, flexible design process, and strive to perfect. Carry the Grand Mercure advanced business philosophy, as well as the local location, people and advantages will enable you to strategize, winning a thousand miles.
Multifunctional banquet hall

Multifunctional conference hall, located in the third floor of the hotel, four floor, ventilation, lighting facilities excellent, equipped with arc-shaped podium, equipped with advanced audio-visual facilities, sound and sound insulation effect is very ideal.

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