[Happiness] "tall on" has become "2014 love you I" Platinum Hanjue wedding hot words
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Pinghu shop news:
       2013 network hot words "tall on" (high-end atmosphere on the grade), as "2014 love you I," the new home evaluation in Buckingham Grand Mercure wedding banquet of the most appropriate praise!
       Ballroom at Buckingham Place -
       Platinum Jazz dish - "tall on"

       The Service of "Platinum"

In Buckingham Jazz do the happiest bride
      Taste in the innocence, the price at the fair. Luxury atmosphere of the hotel banquet hall, wedding venues have been the first choice for newcomers, and delicious delicacies is the key to attracting customers, the price is more fair to new people on the Platinum Jazz Jazz.

Buckingham Hotel has become a local new "2014 love you I" wedding hotel the best choice.

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